Sage Payment Solutions Bank Partner Program

Bank benefits

Personal service, complete payment solutions and robust partner compensations are just the beginning.

Take a look at what our program has to offer your bank.


Bank Goals

  • Expand business customer base
  • Avoid loss of treasury
  • Build customer loyalty and retention
  • Offer competive services
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Ensure security

Customer Goals

  • Increase revenue
  • Ensure high-quality customer service
  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Grow technology with limited IT resources
  • Meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Protect customer data

The Sage Bank Partner Program Delivers

Full Program Support
  • Dedicated Account Executive: Rely on your designated Account Executive to work closely with you and your business customers.
  • Program / Relationship Manager: Benefit from the support of a Relationship Manager to guide, monitor, and support the program as a whole.
  • Customer Support: Have peace of mind knowing that our dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to resolve both customer and technical support needs.
  • Custom Marketing Tools: Streamline your programs success with a variety custom marketing tools designed to promote awareness of the program and partnership.
  • Program Training: We work closely with your bank's personnel to ensure your staff has been educated on the features of our program and the benefits your customers may take advantage of.
Competitive Differentiation
  • Exceptional Customer Experience: Customers can take advantage of our full suite of payment solutions designed to accommodate any business environment. In addition, when combined with one of the Sage ERP/accounting products payments received throughout your entire business will automatically post the appropriate accounting entries as a result of the ability to integrate solutions. Our unique integration capabilities eliminate the burden and error potential of manually recording payments back to your accounting/ERP system.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our business customers can count on Sage to deliver the highest level of customer support in the industry. Our customers can rely on support for technical, financial, risk and chargeback questions and issues. We support our commitment to exceptional customer service by having our departments scored by an independent third party monitoring company who help us identify areas we can improve to deliver value in everything we do.
Protection Against Disintermediation
  • Web and Mobile Offerings That Exceed Competition: Safeguard your business customers from third-party companies that market merchant, mobile, and loan-related services.
Our powerful tools and unique services support the goals of both your institution, and your business customers, by providing a "best in class" payments environment.

Sales and support tools

Program Support Team

Each partner is assigned a local Sage representative to service the day to day request from your institution. In addition, you will be assigned a Program Manager to help monitor the higher level components of the program you have selected.

Merchant Conversion Program

  • Marketing support for conversion efforts
  • Sales support to call on prospects
  • Operational support for both individual and bulk merchant account conversion

Lead Acquisition and Management Tools

  • Lead acquisition programs tailored to your bank's requirements
  • Online Lead Tracker: Send leads via your institution's personal online lead disseminator
  • Online Reporting: Instant access to reports and related material
  • Monthly "hard copy" revenue and residual reports

Web Application Form

A custom online application available for your prospects to browse payment packages, select a plan, and apply for a merchant account.

  • Custom microsite with bank branding
  • Custom packages and pricing

Custom Product Menu

We build a customized products package that meets the specific needs of your branch. Our custom packages are built from a broad menu of products including:

  • Merchant services
  • Integrated solutions
  • Small business packages

Marketing Program

In-Branch Marketing Materials

Promote your Sage partnership to customers who visit your branch with attention-getting marketing collateral that fits your bank's image.

Easel with Brochures

Format: 8.5 x 11 acrylic easel with brochure pocket 4.25 x 11 bifold brochures to fit within pocket of the easel Benefit: An eye-catching and easy way to market Sage Payment Solutions to your business customers, the countertop easel with brochures provides information on our capabilities and payment solutions. Customers can review brochures while they are waiting or take them back to their businesses.

Banners or Floor Signage

Format: Available in customized sizes with personalized messaging to fit your brand and marketing requirements. Benefit: Attractive posters or floor signage are custom designed to pique your business customers' interest in your Sage Payment Solutions partnership while maintaining your bank's image and promotional standards

Statement stuffers

Format: Fits in a #10 envelope Benefit: Include these custom-designed inserts in your customer’s billing statements to provide at-a-glance highlights of the benefits and advantages of Sage Payment Solutions.

Customer introduction letter

Format: Choose from existing customer introduction letters, or allow us to craft a customized letter with your guidance and direction.

Partner Branding and Recognition on Sage Payment Solutions website

Format: Promote your bank through partner branding and recognition on the Sage Payment Solutions website. Visitors can then click through to a microsite customized to your bank's program.

In branch contest promotions

Format: Allow us to incentivize your staff by providing contest prizes for referrals that result in approved merchants accounts.

Marketing Tool Kit

All of the assets you need to promote your Sage Payment Solutions partnership to your business customers are ready to use, including Sage graphics, fonts, and images, and bank-specific messaging guidelines and talking points. Sage will customize the contents specifically for your bank's brand, program, target audiences, and marketing standards.

Email Marketing Campaign Assistance

Sage Payment Solutions marketing team can assist you with your email messaging or develop and run an entire campaign tailored to your bank's goals and marketing standards.

Pricing and revenue share

Sage Bank Partner Program Pricing and Revenue Share

Customer Pricing Program

  • Custom quote pricing capabilities per customer
  • Fixed pricing packages available
  • Free equipment options for all bank referred customers

Bank Partner Revenue Share

  • Safeguard current residuals with loss compensation packages
  • Receive an aggressively priced residual compensation share
  • Receive additional bonus payments for approved merchant accounts

Ten reasons to partner with Sage Payment Solutions

1. Protect your customer base from disintermediation (Square, Amazon, Google, Intuit, PayPal, Groupon, and so on).

Well-known consumer technology brands are selling banking services directly to your small and midsized business (SMB) customers through mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. Square, Intuit, PayPal, Amazon, and even Groupon have launched mobile payment solutions that are bundled with proprietary merchant accounts. Amazon also offers small business loans, and Google offers a line-of-credit product to businesses.

Sage, a global software and payments company serving the SMB market, offers our bank partners advanced web and mobile offerings that meet and exceed the merchant services offered by the competition. SMBs trust their banks for business advice and solutions. Sage offers partners an optional cobranded web and mobile-accessed payments portal that integrates all forms and methods of payments with the leading small business accounting solutions: Sage One, Sage 50 Accounting(formerly Sage Peachtree), and Intuit QuickBooks.

2. Differentiate with business solutions focused on best practices.

An integrated back office is essential to payment solution best practices. Integrating payments data in the accounting system eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and streamlines reconciliation.

Only Sage provides full back-office integration with all forms of payments and the leading small business accounting solutions, enabling our bank partners to sell a best-practices payments environment to business customers. This competitive differentiation leads to customer retention, revenue growth, and enhancement of your brand and reputation

3. Protect your customer base from commercial banks with deep pockets.

Commercial banks have the resources to fill product and service gaps by developing or acquiring solutions and will bundle treasury management services as loss leaders to gain the customer relationship.

Regional and community banks, on the other hand, offer something commercial banks cannot—personal service and trusted relationships. Sage offers regional and community bank partners the opportunity to provide advanced business solutions with a personal touch. As a technology provider focused solely on SMBs, Sage enables you to jointly market best-in-class Sage business software and payment services, backed by professional sales, marketing, and support services.

Offer your customers everything commercial banks can—and more—with business solutions that give them more to bank on.

4. Make it easy to go mobile.

Mobile phones and tablets are outselling PCs, and businesses are adapting to mobile solutions that expand sales channels and improve employee productivity.

By partnering with Sage, banks can offer their business customers a suite of best-in-class mobile payment and business solutions that are integrated with market-leading Sage accounting and ERP solutions for SMBs. In 2012, Sage won “Best Overall Mobile Strategy” by K2 Enterprises’ annual K2 Quality Awards.(

5. Meet customer expectations with the right payments processing partner.

Payment delivery is one of the fastest-growing industries. Mainframe processing platforms are gone, standard credit card terminals are being replaced with mini-browser IP terminals, iPads are moving to point-of-sale (POS), and integrated payments with accounting solutions are becoming a customer expectation. These are not a bank’s core competencies.

That’s why Sage is the right partner for banks. Sage is a leading global business software and payments company whose core competence is payment technology and security. And as the largest business software provider to companies with less than 1,000 employees, Sage has the scale to be a reliable bank partner. Combine innovative Sage Payment Solutions products and services with your unique offerings for a highly competitive edge.

6. Be confident with PCI.

With the proliferation of web and mobile payment solutions, payments fraud and data breaches are on the rise. As Payment Card Industry, or PCI, becomes challenging, small, independent payment providers are an unnecessary risk. Because these payment providers are often not savvy to payment security requirements and secure programming methods, security holes can be exploited by hackers looking for high-value targets—like unsophisticated payment providers.

Sage is a global company that sits on the PCI Security Standards Council. Sage has the resources to invest in payments security and stay on top of secure programming methodologies. With Sage, you can feel confident and secure about your most important asset—your customers.

7. Differentiate through best-in-class customer care and support.

There is no glory in being the low-cost provider when it equals poor customer service. That is the reputation large commercial banks have earned, and it is no different in their merchant bank card programs.

Sage is uniquely organized around the customer, not around products. We provide high-touch customer support and best-in-class customer care. And in the new world of web, mobility, and data synchronization where a customer support organization needs to be resourced and educated, Sage is leading the way.

8. Customize product and solution bundles for your business clients.

Sage offers our bank partners the opportunity to upgrade their small business bundle to a best-in-class category with unique bank card products and business solutions. Market-leading Sage accounting and ERP solutions, along with the world-class Sage Exchange payments integration platform, add a competitive edge to the suite of treasury management services offered by regional and community banks.

9. Streamline and automate your marketing and sales programs with dedicated support.

The explosion of Internet-connected devices has spawned a level of mass marketing clutter that is making it more difficult for your message to stand out. To succeed, you need competitive differentiation through more intelligent marketing and sales execution.

Sage offers regional and community bank partners full, customized marketing support. Our innovative Sage Web Sales Tool Kit provides bank partners with a configurable, cobranded marketing microsite where prospects can shop, get educated, and buy—all online. The Web Sales Tool Kit includes an online application process and is supported by chat and a toll-free line, resulting in a premium customer experience.

10. Expand your professional sales team

Commercial payments involve a highly complex and sensitive sales process. The breadth of payment solutions, advancements in security requirements, and evolving regulatory environment make it challenging for treasury management officers to master this specialty service.

Sage has more than 100 professional direct sales representatives across the U.S. focused exclusively on our advanced payment solutions. We offer our bank partners a combination of field sales, inside sales, and custom online sales through the Web Sales Tool Kit to meet each bank’s unique needs. Plus, each bank partner has a dedicated Sage Program Manager to manage the program and relationship.

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