A real-time, accurate picture on the health of your entire growing business.
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It’s all about the right solution for your growing business.

Is your business growing fast but outgrowing your basic accounting solution?

Your solution? Move up to Sage 300 Online.

Sage 300 Online is a cloud-based financial and business management solution that you can access anytime, anywhere online. It provides real-time access to the lifeblood of your business: your financials, inventory, payroll and more. For businesses growing fast, but outgrowing how they’re managing their operations, With the easy-to-use platform for an unlimited number of users, a business can make accurate, real-time data-driven decisions across multiple departments and functions while benefiting from the advantages of the Cloud.

The solution connects multiple locations, departments, remote employees, and outside accountants so you can collaborate and make data-driven, real time decisions collaborate in the bank-level secure Sage Data Cloud.

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Your growing company and ERP in the cloud

Outgrowing your basic accounting solution?

This video shows you why you should consider a cloud ERP solution for your growing business and provides an overview of Sage 300 Online.

Benefits for your business

Be more responsive

  • Quickly get financial information using Sage 300 Online for a complete picture of your business.
  • Be more responsive making customer order commitments from anywhere, accessing Sage 300 Online inventory levels, costs, prices, and returns.
  • Using Sage 300 Online, makes collaboration across your teams more efficient, using real-time information.

Eliminate the complexity

  • Follow best practices and always stay in compliance using audit controls and current payroll taxes because Sage 300 Online is always up to date.
  • Sage removes the IT headaches by taking care of all upgrades and enhancements for you.
  • Increase productivity using a complete vendor purchase workflow in Sage 300 Online, without having to maintain separate spreadsheets.
  • Sage 300 Online data is bank-level secure in the cloud, with full control over user access.

Improve collaboration

  • Improve customer response times; process cycle time and overall employee productivity by letting your teams work together in real time with vendors, accountants, and clients.
  • When all of your departments are integrated perfectly, you provide customers with a better experience.

Business Management in the Cloud: Is it Right for You?

Growing companies have options to explore. Find out whether it makes sense to replace your accounting software with a modern ERP system in the cloud.


Accounting and finance

Reduce costs and boost productivity with fast, integrated accounting and financial management software. Sage 300 Online integrates your sales and service functions for streamlined, end-to-end financial management. Powerful, flexible tools improve financial reporting and compliance and provide better business intelligence for a greater ROI.

Business intelligence and reporting

Make smarter, more confident business decisions faster than ever before. Transform disparate data into meaningful intelligence with the powerful analysis and reporting of Sage 300 Online. With business intelligence and reporting, you can selectively access critical data to identify issues early, make an accurate analysis, and take timely action to improve performance.

Sales management

Optimize your sales and distribution processes with better sales management. Your sales representatives get complete, up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips to answer every customer question, including the availability of specific units in inventory, item pricing, quantity pricing, specific customer data and pricing, costs, credit limits, credit card deposit information, and more.

Inventory management and warehousing

Take charge of your inventory to reduce carrying costs and fulfill orders on time. Get full control over your warehouse inventory, track stock accurately, and improve customer satisfaction with real-time inventory management software for distributors. Receive accurate information on your merchandise, including receipt, location, and disposition of goods, as well as the precise value and status.

Purchasing and supplier management

Streamline your entire purchasing process from order to receipt. Purchasing management for distributors creates detailed, accurate records of every purchase, including quantities, price, who places the order, and special shipping instructions.

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Business Management in the Cloud: Is it Right for You?

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